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Nut Categories

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  • Acorn / Cap Nuts

    Acorn Nuts

    Used For Decorative & Safety Applications When Mating Threads are Exposed.

  • Cage Nuts

    Cage Nuts

    Free-Floating Square Nuts Inside a Spring Steel Cage. Steel / Zinc & Stainless.

  • Castle Nuts

    Castle Nuts

    Reduced Diameter, Cylindrical Slotted Top Allows for Insertion of Pins.

  • Clinch Nuts

    Clinch Nuts

    Also Called Press In Nuts; Used In Thin Sheet Metal Applications.

  • Conduit Locknuts

    Conduit Locknuts

    Minimal Surface Are with Protruding Lobes Allows For Low Profile & Hand Turning.

  • Coupling Nuts

    Coupling Nuts

    Equal Sized Internal Threads at Both Ends Allows Joining of Studs & Bolts.

  • Finished Hex Nuts

    Finished Hex Nuts

    Most Common & Versatile Style of Hex Nut. US Made Options Available.

  • Flex Locknuts

    Flex Locknuts

    Segmented Collar Creates Prevailing Torque Locking Action When Tightened.

  • Heavy Hex Nuts

    Heavy Hex Nuts

    Thicker & Wider Across The Flats Than Standard Hex Nuts. In Zinc, Galv & SS

  • Hex Flange Locknuts

    Hex Flange Locknuts

    Bearing Surface Serrations Provide Hold Upon Installation. Steel, Grades 5, 8 & SS

  • Hex Jam Nuts

    Hex Jam Nuts

    Two-Thirds Thinner than Standard Hex Nuts. Available in Steel & Stainless.

  • KEPS K-Lock Nuts

    Keps Nuts

    Attached Free Spinning External Tooth Lockwasher Provides Extra Hold.

  • Slotted Hex Nuts

    Slotted Hex Nuts

    Slotted Cuts in the Top of the Hex Allow for Insertion of Pins.

  • Square Nuts

    Square Nuts

    Standard & Heavy Styles; Offered in Steel / Zinc, Galvanized & Plain Options.

  • Stover Locknuts

    Stover Locknuts

    All Metal One Piece Locknuts; Controlled Distorted of Top Threads Creates Hold.

  • Structural Nuts

    Structural Nuts

    A194 Grade 2H & A563 Grade DH; For Use with Structural Bolts & Washers.

  • T / Tee Nuts

    Tee Nuts

    Internally Threaded in 3, 4 & 6 Prong Style with Varying Barrel Lengths.

  • Tinnerman Style Nuts

    Tinnerman Style Nuts

    Tinnerman Style Parts: Cage & Clip Nuts, J Type, U Type, Flat Type & Hat Style.

  • Two Way Reversible Locknuts

    Two Way Reversible Locknuts

    Prevailing Torque Type Locknut. Indentations on the Flats Provide Locking Action.

  • Tab Weld Nuts

    Weld Nuts

    Single Projection; Multiple Projection; No Projection Center Hole & Offset Hole Styles.

  • Wing Nuts

    Wing Nuts

    Stamped, Cold Forged & Washer Based Styles in Steel / Zinc. Cold Forged also in SS.