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Fastener SuperStore Offers 9 Styles of Standard Socket Fasteners
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Button Head Socket Screws Button Head Socket Screws
Socket Drive in a wider, low-profile, dome-shaped head. Supplied in Alloy Steel / Black Oxide. Imperial and Metric sizes available.
  Flat Head Socket Screws Flat Head Socket Screws
82° Flat Head with a Socket Drive. Supplied in Alloy Steel / Black Oxide. Imperial and Metric sizes available.
Hex Key Sets Hex Key Sets
Mulit-Sized Sets of Hex Keys in Long and Short Arm. All Keys supplied in Alloy Steel / Black.
  Hex Keys Hex Keys
Long Arm, Short Arm & Tamper Proof Hex Keys. All Keys supplied in Alloy Steel / Black.
Low Head Socket Cap Screws Low Head Socket Cap Screws
Similar to standard Socket Head Cap Screws but 1/2 the Head Height & smaller Socket size.
  Socket Head Cap Screws Socket Head Cap Screws
Most common socket style screw. Available in Alloy Steel Black or Zinc as well as Stainless Steel. Imperial and Metric sizes available.
Socket Pipe Plugs Socket Pipe Plugs
Dry Seal & Flush Seating styles avialable in both Steel & Brass materials.
  Socket Set Screws Socket Set Screws
Headless Screws with socket drives, threaded the entire length. Multiple point styles available: Cup, 1/2 Dog, Flat, Cone & Oval.
Socket Shoulder Screws Socket Shoulder Screws
Also called Stripper Bolts, Socket Shoulder Screws have enlarged, unthreaded round shoulder under the head.

Fastener SuperStore provides great customer service at extended hours (8am-7pm CST), and same day shipping in most cases if your order is placed before 4pm in your time zone.

To locate the Socket product you need, click on a part category above, or use the search box at the top of the page to search for size, material, or style.

Not sure which of our Sockets you need? Give us a call toll-free at (866) 688-2500. Our fastener experts will get you hooked up with the right part in no time.

We've been in business for over a decade now, and have 1000s of satisfied customers. We'd love to become your Fastener SuperStore.

Thanks for giving Fastener SuperStore the opportunity to fulfill your requirement for socket fasteners!

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