About Fastener SuperStore

For over a decade, Fastener SuperStore has operated on the principle that buying fasteners should be quick, painless and hassle free.

We sell in bulk, which means that most of our customers are busy professionals, juggling numerous tasks, all of which require their most valuable resource - TIME.

Fastener Buying Made Simple

The easier we make the sourcing & purchasing process, the more time you can devote to the other important aspects of your job.

How do we achieve this simplicity?

In every way that we can think of.

We Make Communication Simple

  • Phone support available Monday - Friday, from 7am CST to 7pm CST
  • Live Chat support available Monday - Friday, from 7am CST to 7pm CST
  • Purchases accepted via Website, Phone, Email and Fax

We Make Researching Simple

We offer detailed spec sheets on almost all of our parts. If you have additional questions, you can email or call us, or use the Live Chat feature on our site.

We Make Shopping Simple

  • Onsite navigation quickly takes you to the part you're looking for.
  • All prices are accessible online, including discounts for larger quantities.
  • Site is searchable with thousands of competitor part numbers, in addition to our own 34,000+ part numbers.
  • You can call or email us with a description of the part you need, and we'll be able to find it in seconds.

We Make Purchasing Simple

Fastener SuperStore accepts the following payment methods:

  • Credit Cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover)
  • Net 30 Accounts (Just ask for an application)
  • PayPal

We Make Saving Simple

Fastener SuperStore always has a discount code available, and it's always online. Just go to this page if you want to save. And why wouldn't you?

We Make Registering Simple (& Not Required)

If you're in a hurry, there's no need to set up an account, memorizing logins and passwords. Just buy without registering.

If you do register, you'll enjoy the many benefits of registration:

  • Place or repeat orders quickly without filling out pages of information
  • Unlimited saved Ship-To addresses
  • Easily accessible Purchase / Invoice History
  • Monthly discount emails (If you opt in)

We Make Shipping Simple (& Quick)

  • Same Day Shipping on 98% of orders
  • Tracking Numbers e-mailed as soon as your order ships
  • Multiple Shipping Locations (however we can get it there quickly)

We ship via UPS Ground, and always find the quickest way to get your purchase to you. If you need it even faster, we offer various UPS shipping options. We can also ship on your UPS or Fed-Ex account.

Call us at (866) 688-2500 if you have any questions about how we can make fastener buying simple for you!