Retaining Ring Categories

Retaining rings are essential fasteners used in countless applications. At Fastener SuperStore, we carry the best selection available. Customers looking to buy E style retaining rings, as well internal style retaining rings, know they have a valuable business partner. Our broad selection is available for bulk distribution. We work closely with you to ensure that you have the hardware you need in just the right quantities.

Below, read more about the various categories of retaining rings we carry and the benefits of each.

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Categories for All Applications

Different projects require different solutions — which is why Fastener SuperStore carries a wide range of products for virtually any application. Below are the three main categories of retaining ring that we carry:

  • E Style Retaining Rings — E style retaining rings are made with a tapered section that creates three points of contact with the shaft. This is ideal for applications that require flexibility during installation, and it gives the ring greater ability to withstand higher thrust loads. E style retaining rings in bulk are an excellent option.
  • External Style Retaining Rings — This style retaining ring is standard with a tapered section with ends that pry apart and snap back together for easy installation. External style retaining rings create a shoulder to maintain the right component positioning. For customers looking to buy external style retaining rings, look no further than Fastener SuperStore.
  • Internal Style Retaining Rings — Internal style retaining rings are made with an opening on the circumference and with two adjacent holes for easy installation and removal. These features give you complete contact and a solid tightness into the groove. We work with customers looking to buy internal style retaining rings to ensure that we can meet their needs.

The Benefits of Bulk

Whether your business is looking to external style retaining rings for sale in any quantity or internal style retaining rings in bulk, we’ve got you covered at Fastener SuperStore.