Fastener Guides

Check out our detailed new fastener guides below. Beginning with screws, these comprehensive guides provide all the information you need to understand the parts that we carry. Our first guide explains all of the rules for finding accurate measurements for screws and bolts. Our second guide provides in-depth information about the many different screw point and thread styles. Next, we offer guides covering the multiple head and drive options available at Fastener SuperStore. In the coming months, we'll be adding more fastener guides focusing on bolts, nuts, rivets, standoffs and more. Each guide includes a link to a downloadable pdf version.

Measuring Screws-Bolts Guide

Measuring Screws / Bolts

Knowing how to find the diameter and length of the fasteners you need is an important first step in acquiring the correct parts.

Threads Guide

Screws - Thread Styles

A wide variety of screw styles have been developed over the years. The defining element of most of these styles can be found in the shaft, or body, of the screw. Different thread layouts and unique tip shapes are required for different applications.

Heads Styles Guide

Screws - Head Styles

Every screw and bolt has a head that is unique to it's intended function. This is your basic guide to head styles and their uses.

Screws-Drives Guide

Screws - Drive Styles

Every screw and bolt requires a tool to turn, drive and install it. This is your basic guide to drive styles and their uses.

Heads Styles Guide

Screws - Tapping vs. Drilling

The term "self-tapping screws" generally refers to a type of screw that is self starting when driven into material, whether it be wood, metal or plastic. It taps it's own hole.

Measuring Screws-Bolts Guide

Bolts - Bolt Grades & Head Markings

Many of our bolt styles are available in various grade and class options with each grade containing distinctive head markings. The following markings are the primary indicators used on our parts.

Threads Guide

Bolts - Bolt Types

Even if you know the exact size, length, material & finish of a bolt you need, you still need to know what style of bolt is right for your application. Bolts come in a large variety of head and thread styles. Use our bolt guide below to help identify the parts you need.

Stainless Steel Guide

Stainless Steel

Fastener SuperStore carries a wide range of 300 Series & 400 Series Stainless Steel products. The primary differences between the two involve corrosion resistance vs. hardness.

Pilot Hole & Drill Bit Sizing Guide

Pilot Hole & Drill Bit Sizing by Screw Type

Many types of screws require that a pilot hole be drilled before they are installed. Self-drilling screws can, of course, drill their own pilot hole, but other types of tapping, thread cutting, thread forming or thread rolling screws need help getting started.

Nut Types Guide

Nuts Guide

Nuts are among the most expansive categories of hardware. Options run the gamut, with coupling, locking, flanged, hex, square, and more. Use our nut guide below to help identify the parts you need.

Washer Types Guide

Washer Types

Washers come in a variety of styles. Fastener SuperStore's comprehensive washer guide will help you find the right type for your application.

More Guides Coming Soon!