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Whether your business manufactures electronics, automotive parts or something else, there are instances when materials have to be attached, but with the parts spaced so they are not touching each other. Spacers and standoffs are ideal when you want to connect items together with a specific distance between them. Fastener SuperStore offers a wide range of spacers and standoffs, and we sell them in bulk quantities. We offer the highest-quality parts made from various materials — aluminum, stainless steel, nylon, brass and steel — so you will have the spacer or standoff that is perfect for the job. Look over our full category listing of spacers and standoffs to learn more about their features and applications.

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  • Hex Jack Screws

    Hex Jack Screws

    3/16" Across the Flats with 4-40 Threads; Available With Zinc or Yellow Finish & in SS.

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Check out the versatility that our spacers and standoffs can provide for a number of different applications. We’re confident you can find the right one to match your hardware needs.

  • Hex standoffs (female/female) are hexagonal so a wrench or pliers can easily grip them. The standoffs are internally threaded and have two female ends. They are commonly used with electronics when spacing components at a set distance.
  • Hex standoffs (male/female) have a threaded male end and an internally threaded female end to allow for a secure connection when attaching parts. One can easily hold or tighten the hex standoff with a pliers or wrench. They can be used, for instance, to hold a printed circuit board away from a metal surface.
  • Metric hex standoffs (female/female) are available in aluminum and stainless steel. They come in metric sizes for applications where metric threading is used. They have two threaded female ends so components can be screwed into both sides to connect, separate and space materials.
  • Metric hex standoffs (male/female) come with metric threading options, with a male screw end and a female threaded end. They can be used in a number of applications, including the spacing of electronic parts.
  • Round standoffs (female/female) come in a variety of thread sizes and have female ends. They may be used with electronic components to provide proper spacing for doors, panels, circuit boards or gears.
  • Round standoffs (male/female) have threads on the male end and internal threads on the female end for the proper connection. They allow for the correct spacing for a wide range of electronic components, and they come in a variety of diameters and lengths. The rounded surface can give more of a finished, clean look.
  • Hex spacers come without threads, as they can be slipped onto parts to provide the right amount of space between components. They are hexagonal, and thus can be gripped by tools such as a pliers or wrench.
  • Round spacers are available unthreaded, for applications when a screw, bolt or shaft must pass completely through the spacer.

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When it’s time to shop spacers and standoffs, keep our large selection in mind. Manufacturers and builders can find the quality products they need in the right sizes and dimensions, and in bulk quantities. Let our reliable staff help you select the right parts for the job. We are here to offer our extensive knowledge about all of our products. Contact us today to find out how Fastener SuperStore can provide you with quality products that will enhance the craftsmanship of your next project.