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Washers are the unsung heroes of the hardware world, but they can make a huge difference when it comes to proper fastening. At Fastener SuperStore, we specialize in washers of all types, and we are committed to delivering high-quality materials for all of your contracting and construction projects. Customers looking to buy bulk flat washers and more know they can trust our expertise and wide selection. See our full product listing below, how washers are used for different applications, and information about what Fastener SuperStore can do for you.

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Countless Applications for Quality Washers

Our washers are highly versatile. Here are a few common applications:

  • Beveled washers are commonly used in applications involving an I-beam, as they can be easily attached through the flanges.
  • Countersunk finishing washers are ideal for applications where smoothness and appearance are important factors. They can be used with flat and oval head screws for wood and metal applications.
  • Dock washers are thick washers that can are often used in the building or repair of docks.
  • External tooth lockwashers have teeth that extend outward so that they can easily bite into the bearing surface. This is a very useful feature for applications in which the bolt should never loosen.
  • Fender washers are thin flat washers that are commonly used to provide a wide bearing surface.
  • Flat washers refer to a group of washers that are flat and smooth, capable of dispersing load in a variety of applications.
  • Internal tooth lockwashers are commonly used to firmly secure the screw and nut connection and prevent it from loosening over time.
  • Internal/external combo tooth lockwashers combine the benefits of both types of lockwasher and add a great deal of protection against loosening.
  • Metric washers are flat washers for use with hardware with metric-style threading.
  • Shoulder washers include an extended sleeve on the internal surface. This can be inserted into the adjacent material, which helps to insulate metal screws in electrical applications. This also reduces friction between parts.
  • Split lockwashers are made with a divide that serves a similar purpose as an internal tooth lockwasher, preventing loosening and slipping.
  • Structural washers are made from high-grade steel and are heat treated, making them perfect for use with structural bolts and nuts.
  • Thru Hard washers are heat treated and made for heavy-duty use. These washers have exceptionally high tightness tolerance.

What Can Fastener SuperStore Do for You

At Fastener SuperStore, we emphasize quality and selection. Customers who shop bulk flat washers, fender washers, lock washers and more know that they can trust us to provide only the best fastener hardware available. Our professional staff understands this industry like no one else, and we are happy to provide you with any guidance to make the best selection. We want you to have the best hardware in the quantities you require.

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