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What Grade of Stainless Steel is Right for Your Application?

18-8 stainless steel, also sometimes called 304 stainless, is the most common type used for fasteners such as machine screws and nuts . It contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel and features strong corrosion resistance, but is softer, and thus weaker, than some other grades such as 410 stainless. Self-drilling ...


Hex Head Cap Screws vs. Hex Tap Bolts

Fastener SuperStore carries hex head bolts in the two most common styles: Hex Head Cap Screws and Hex Tap Bolts. Hex Head Cap Screws are the most common type of hex head bolt. Starting at 1/4" diameters and going up to 1 1/2", they are generally, but not always, partially ...


Rack Mounting Nuts in Cage & Clip Style

Fastener SuperStore carries Rack Mounting Nuts in common styles, sizes, configurations and quantities. Check out our selection below. Rack Mounting Cage Nuts were designed to support components that are installed into server racks. The caged design allows them to be used in racks with square holes. We offer cage nuts ...


Spacers, Hex & Round, Available at Fastener SuperStore

At Fastener SuperStore, our parts selection includes over 650 different spacers of varying materials and sizes, in both hex and round shapes. Spacers are unthreaded and are used to hold components at a set distance apart from one another, usually with a screw or rod holding them in place. Hex ...


Plastite Style, Taptite Style and High Low Thread Forming Screws

Thread Forming Screws, also known as Thread Rolling Screws, are available in three styles at Fastener SuperStore: Plastite Style (48-2); Taptite Style; & High Low. These fasteners are designed to create matching threads in mating materials as they are installed.


Thread Cutting Screws: Types 1, 23, 25 & F (Including Grounding and Floorboard) Screws

Thread Cutting Screws come with sharp edges at the tip, along with a chip cavity or cutout line for clearing the cut material. We carry four unique styles at Fastener SuperStore: Type 1; Type 23; Type 25 & Type F. Type 1 Type 1 Thread Cutting Screws also have machine ...


Four Styles of Blind Rivets Available at Fastener Superstore

Blind Rivets, also commonly called Pop Rivets, are available in four unique styles at Fastener SuperStore: Standard (Dome) Head; Large Flange; Countersunk Head; and Closed End. Dome Head Blind Rivets are the most commonly used. They feature a low profile head and a clean finished appearance. The head size is ...


Fastener SuperStore Now Shipping to Canada

Fastener SuperStore Website Now Accepting Canadian Orders We've recently updated Fastener SuperStore's online checkout to include and allow orders to all Canadian provinces. Just select Canada from the drop-down "Country" menu and you're all set. Canadian customers will need to select a "Collect" shipping option and use their own UPS ...


Full Standard and Heavy Duty Cable Clamp Selection

Our Cable Clamp selection includes clamping diameters from 1/8" to 1 1/2", with standard and heavy duty options. Cable clamps are sized by clamping diameter x hole size x contact length. Hole size refers to the hole where a screw will be installed to hold the cable clamp in place; ...


White and UV Resistant Black Nylon Cable Ties in Package Size or Bulk

Fastener SuperStore carries Cable Ties in natural white nylon and in UV resistant black nylon. They can be purchased in small packaged quantities or in bulk. Lengths range from 4" to 36", with each step up in length providing additional tensile strength. Our white cable ties are made from Nylon ...