Electronic Hardware Categories

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  • Knurled Thumb Screws

    Knurled Thumb Screws

    Knurled Thumb Screws With Washer Face Option.

  • Precision Shoulder Screws

    Precision Shoulder Screws

    Available in Stainless Steel with Socket & Slotted Drives. Large Variety of Size Options.

  • Jack Screws

    Jack Screws

    3/16" Across the Flats with 4-40 Threads; Available With Zinc or Yellow Finish & in SS.

  • Instrumentation Handles


    Round, Internally Threaded Instrumentation Handles for Electronics.

  • Hex Spacers

    Hex Spacers

    Nylon Unthreaded Hex Spacers in a Variety of Sizes.

  • Round Spacers

    Round Spacers

    Unthreaded Round Spacers in Aluminum, Brass, Stainless & Nylon.