Metric Categories

Sometimes the regular imperial measurements for hardware fasteners simply won't work with the products you may have purchased and imported from overseas. Many other countries instead use metric measurements. Here at Fastener SuperStore, we offer metric screws, metric washers, metric bolts and metric nuts wholesale so you can obtain the right fasteners for the project that will be the perfect fit. Let our professional staff help you select the right fasteners for the construction and contracting job. Browse through our metric product categories below to find the fasteners for your application and to learn more about how Fastener SuperStore can help you.

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  • Metric Screws

    Metric Screws

    Metric Machine, SEMS & Thread Forming Screws. 900+ Size & Style Options.

  • Metric Bolts

    Metric Bolts

    Metric Hex Cap Screws & Flange Bolts in a Variety of Sizes & Grades.

  • Metric Nuts

    Metric Nuts

    Metric Hex, Flanged, Jam, Keps & Nylon Insert Nuts in a variety of Classes.

  • Metric Sockets

    Metric Sockets

    Metric Button Head, Flat Head & Socket Cap Screws; Hex Keys; Cup Point Set Screws.

Wide Range of Metric Fasteners to Complete Your Projects

Whether you need metric washers wholesale or metric nuts in bulk, we have the fasteners in the exact size you need:

  • Metric Screws come in a variety of types. There are metric machine screws to bind two metal parts that have pre-tapped holes and nuts. You can also find metric SEMS screws that are pre-assembled with a washer, and metric taptite style screws that create their own threads in metal, wood and plastic materials.
  • Metric Bolts can be used for numerous applications. Metric hex cap bolts come threaded and partially threaded and are held in place with a washer and nut. Metric hex flange bolts come with a flat flange that doesn't require a washer. Customers can purchase both metric bolts wholesale for large construction or contracting projects.
  • Metric Nuts are used with bolts to hold them securely in place for a tight fit. Metric nuts come in all shapes, sizes and types — including finished hex nuts, hex flange locknuts, hex jam nuts, keps nuts, nylon insert locknuts, rack mounting nuts, clinch nuts and weld nuts.
  • Metric Sockets have external threads and a hexagonal opening on the socket cap where an Allen wrench or hex key is used to tighten the screw into place. Flat head socket cap screws, button head socket cap screws, and socket head cap screws are all available in metric screws in bulk.
  • Metric Hex Standoffs (Female/Female) allow for the proper spacing of two different components as the fasteners have two threaded ends to connect parts.
  • Metric Hex Standoffs (Male/Female) have internal threads and external threads to separate, connect and space electronic components.
  • Metric Washers are used with bolts or screws for a tighter fastening. They can come with internal teeth, external teeth, flat or with split ends.
  • Metric Pem/Captive Style Cinch Hardware are commonly used with thin sheet metal. They are available as clinch studs, as well as clinch nuts, also known as press in nuts.

Let Fastener SuperStore Provide Metric Hardware for Your Next Project

Fastener SuperStore provides hardware solutions to contractors and builders across the country. Our customers can find metric screws wholesale, metric bolts, metric nuts and metric washers in bulk that are right for their particular applications. These fasteners are created with the highest quality and come in a variety of types to fit into the component, part or project. Let our helpful and knowledgeable staff offer assistance if you are looking for fasteners and other hardware with metric measurement sizes. We will be happy to offer you the guidance you need to make the best selection. Contact Fastener SuperStore today.