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Plastite Style, Taptite Style and High Low Thread Forming Screws


Thread Forming Screws, also known as Thread Rolling Screws, are available in three styles at Fastener SuperStore: Plastite Style (48-2); Taptite Style; & High Low. These fasteners are designed to create matching threads in mating materials as they are installed.

Plastite Style Screws.jpg
Plastite Style (48-2) Screws are designed for use in plastics. They feature sharp threads with an extra wide spacing between them, and a trilobular tip to help with the rolling / forming of the matching threads. We carry nearly 700 options with a wide variety of head, drive, material & finish options.

Taptite Style Screws.jpg
Taptite Style Screws also feature trilobular tips, but their threads are spaced like machine screw threads. They can be installed into drilled, punched or cored holes in metal materials. We carry over 1100 variations of Taptile Style Screws.

High Low Screws.jpg
High Low Screws feature a double lead thread with alternating high, and low, threads.They're used in plastic, nylon, wood and other low density materials. We have over 600 style and size options in stock.

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