Due to increased demand in our warehouse and shipping systems, orders placed after 3pm (local to the warehouse) will ship the next business day.

Fastener SuperStore Coronavirus / Covid-19 Statement

All of us at Fastener SuperStore are closely monitoring the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation. We are prioritizing the safety and well-being of our co-workers, customers, delivery personnel and of those with whom we interact.

We are currently fully operational, and anticipate being able to continue in this manner. We will evaluate new information as it becomes available, and will clearly communicate any changes we may be required to make.

Below, please see our responses to some frequently asked questions.

What impact has the Coronavirus had on Fastener SuperStore operations to this point?

Thus far, our operations have not been significantly impacted by this unique situation. All of our office personnel have the ability to work in isolation from home if / when the necessity arises. Most are already working from home in accordance with social distancing recommendations.

All warehouses are currently operational and processing same day shipping when applicable.

Our website will remain up and available for placing orders.

The only current limitation is that we will not be able to provide any "will-call" pick-up orders until further notice.

What potential issues could impact Fastener SuperStore's ability to remain operational?

We believe that our ability to take and process orders via online ordering, phone calls, faxes & email will not be impacted unless the situation changes dramatically.

If any of our warehouses were to be forced to close, either due to local directive or for the safety of our co-workers, we would still continue to operate out of other warehouses. If all warehouses were to close, we will still have the capacity to take orders and communicate with our customers. In such case, we would ship orders as soon as any limitations are lifted.

Additionally, any changes to UPS or Fedex operations could limit our ability to fulfill orders.

How will Fastener SuperStore communicate any operational changes to its customers?

We will post a link near the top of all pages of our site that will guide customers to this page - www.fastenersuperstore.com/coronavirus - for updates. It will be updated as soon as any operational changes are required.

We will comply with any national or local guidelines or rules regarding the situation. Our goal remains to provide our customers with the quality products they need in the time frame in which they need them.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to call us at (866) 688-2500.

Stay safe & be well.