Every screw and bolt requires a tool to turn, drive and install it.
Below is your basic guide to drive styles and their uses.

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Phillips drives are the most common type of screw drive. They were developed as one of the first alternatives to the slotted drive. Different sized screw heads require different sized phillips drivers. Our spec sheets indicate the correct driver sizes for the screws that we carry.

The slotted drive is the oldest drive still commonly used today. They provide less torque than other drives and are subject to slippage. They are often referred to as flat heads, but that can cause confusion with "flat head screws" which have a head that is flat on the top and can be countersunk.

A standard combo drive screw is usually a combination of a slotted and a phillips drive. Other combinations are sometimes used, such as a phillips / square drive combination or a phillips / hex combination.

Socket drive screws contain a hex shaped internal socket which is tightened or loosened using a hex key or allen wrench. Screws of different sizes will require different sizes of hex key. Use our spec sheets to find the correct driver for the screw you are purchasing.

One of the few drives turned by using the outside of the head rather than the inside. Hex head screws are installed with a socket, usually connected to a ratcheting tool or a power driver. The driver size that is required is based on the width across the flat sides of the head.

Slotted, Unslotted, Phillips - Similar to a hex head, but containing an attached washer shaped flange at the bottom of the head. Becoming more common than plain hex heads, some hex washer heads are available in combination with a phillips or slotted drive.

Pozi drives look similar to phillips drives, but there are some major differences. The outer flanks of the pozi drive screw are set at 45° angles, rather than rounded. The recessed area of a pozi drive screw requires a blunt tip instead of the pointed tip of a phillips driver. Finally, there are short tapered ribs extending from the internal corners of the drive.

Sometimes called a Robertson drive, square drives have a square shaped socket which has a slight taper as it goes deeper into the screw head. The four 90° angles provide strong torque and decrease the possibility of slippage. Like phillips and torx / six-lobe drives, square drives require that the correct driver size be used. Our spec sheets indicate the correct driver sizes for the screws that we carry.

A six-lobe drive, also referred to as Torx© style or a star drive, has a six pointed star shape and is a recent competitor to the Phillips drive. Like phillips, different sized screw heads require different sized drivers. Our spec sheets indicate the correct driver sizes for the screws that we carry

A U drive screw is also known as a hammer drive screw. It is set in a properly sized pilot hole and then driven into place with a hammer. The threads of the screw turn as it is driven, creating the fastening action.


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