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Jeff Estoppey

Title: Sales & Marketing

Bio: After 12 years at Fastener SuperStore, Jeff 's primary accomplishment is sending pics of our dogs to our customers during the holidays.

Recent posts

  • Black Anodized Aluminum Rivets at Fastener SuperStore

    New Product Alert: Black Anodized Aluminum Rivets

    In September, Fastener SuperStore rolled out a new product line of dome head, aluminum black anodized rivets. Anodizing is achieved through a process of bathing parts in acidic chemicals and then adding an electrical current to the bath. The chemical reaction triggers the formation of hydrogen, then oxygen, on the ...

  • Pins at Fastener SuperStore

    Three Styles of Mil-Spec Pins Available at Fastener SuperStore.

    Fastener SuperStore now carries 3 styles of Mil-Spec Pins: MS16555 - Dowel Pins - Like all dowel pins, this line consists of solid, cylindrical-shaped metal, tapered on each side: One side is chamfered while the other is radiused to form a crown. Made with extreme precision, the chamfered end is ...

  • Plastic Anchors at Fastener SuperStore

    Check Out Our Selection of Light Duty Anchors For Use in Drywall and Other Hollow Walls.

    Fastener SuperStore carries 3 styles of Plastic Anchors used for hollow walls. Bantam Plug Conical Anchors come in blue & are probably the most commonly used plastic anchors. Tapered & Ribbed Anchors come in white. The ribbed part of these anchors helps them resist pulling out. These 2 types can ...

  • Roofing Screws with Bonded Neoprene Washers

    Screws with attached bonded neoprene washers are the perfect solution for installing metal roofs.

    Metal roofs of the type installed from formed panels of sheet metal, are a common roofing solution for barns, sheds, gazebos and other outbuildings. They offer benefits such as great durability, fire resistance and a long life. Fastener SuperStore carries the screws you will need to install a new metal ...

  • Torx Drive Screws at Fastener SuperStore

    Your Source For Torx Drive Screws

    Fastener SuperStore carries Torx® Drive Screws in 9 different categories, containing over 2,600 unique parts! Torx Drive screws are also known as Star Drive or Six-Lobe Screws. As one of the more recently developed styles of drives, they have quickly gained popularity as an alternative to phillips drive screws. The ...

  • Screw Threads at Fastener SuperStore

    All About Threads - Fine, Coarse, Metric and More

    Many unique screw types look very similar at first glance. Our screw thread guide might help in finding the style you really need. Almost every different style of screw, bolt or nut, has a unique thread style designed to make it the right part for its designated use (drywall, deck, ...

  • How to Measure Screws and Bolts

    Need help finding the correct measurement for a screw or bolt?

    Fastener SuperStore has a guide for that! When shopping for screws or bolts, nothing is more important than finding the correct size for your application. Factors such as the thickness of the materials you are fastening together will dictate what size you need, but once you find that information, how ...

  • Concrete Screws at Fastener SuperStore

    Concrete Screws in cartons of 100, or get a quote for larger quantities at big savings!

    Fastener SuperStore carries Phillips Drive / Flat Head and Slotted Drive / Hex Washer Head Concrete Screws in lots of 100. Each lot comes with a masonry drill bit, as concrete screws require a pilot hole. These screws are made from case hardened steel, which allows them to maintain sharp ...

  • Certificates of Conformity At Fastener SuperStore

    New Feature: Easy Access to Certificates of Conformance

    Fastener SuperStore recently enhanced our motto of "Fastener Buying Made Simple" by adding a feature that allows registered users to access, download and print Certificates of Conformance (C of C's) for all shipped parts. A Certificate of Conformance is a certified document stating that parts conform to the specification on ...

  • Slotted Drive Precision Shoulder Screws at Fastener SuperStore

    Slotted Precision Shoulder Screws

    Slotted Precision Shoulder Screws are also available in diameter-thread counts of 4-40, 6-32, 8-32 & 10-32, & with shoulder lengths from 1/8" to 1 1/2" long. Like their socket drive counterparts, they feature a shoulder that's wider than their threads which provides the surface area that rests on the material ...