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3, 4 & 6 Prong Tee Nuts Available at Fastener SuperStore

Tee Nuts are internally threaded, barrel-shaped fasteners matched with a flat base. The base features cut out prongs which extend in the same direction as the barrel.

We offer tee nuts 3, 4 and 6 prong configurations in a variety of diameters and barrel lengths.

Often used in climbing systems, the tee nut is inserted into the pre-drilled hole from the back side of a flat surface, allowing a bolt or machine screw to be attached to the internal threads from the front side.

The 3 prong style is used in harder materials to minimize splitting of the mating surface, while the 6-prong style is mainly used in softer plastics and relatively soft woods such as plywood and particleboard. The 4 prong style works well in both soft and hard materials.

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