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Bushings in Through Hardened Spring Steel


Fastener SuperStore carries 93 sizes of tension control steel bushings in through hardened spring steel, supplied with a natural, uncoated finish.

Bushings are used somewhat similarly to roll pins or coiled spring pins in that they are inserted into a machined holes and maintain their position using the outward resistance created by the rolled shape of the part.

Our bushings feature a wavy, chamfered edge where the two ends of the rolled steel meet. This opening is what allows the contraction of the part during insertion and the expansion/resistance once the part is installed. The high carbon steel from which it is manufactured offers the elasticity required to serve these functions.

Tension control bushings resist wear, maintain performance in harsh environments and can withstand temperatures up to 350° celcius. They are used in applications including agricultural equipment, commercial lawn equipment, conveyors, earth movers, heavy trucks, material handling equipment and many more.

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