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Galvanized Parts Available at Fastener SuperStore!

Fasteners that are galvanized (also known as hot dip galvanized) have been submerged in molten zinc, covering the part in an extra thick, zinc shell.

This submersion process is what separates galvanized parts from steel / zinc parts. Zinc plated parts are created using an electrical process and are covered with a much thinner layer of zinc.

While zinc is not as corrosion resistant as stainless steel, it does corrode about 30 times more slowly than plain steel. The thick zinc layer that the galvanizing process provides extends that corrosion resistance to even greater levels, making galvanized parts a great option for outdoor use when the level of protection provided by stainless steel isn't required.

It's important to note that the thickness of the galvanized finish requires using oversized nuts when matching to galvanized bolts.

For this reason, only nuts noted as "galvanized" will fit with galvanized bolts. Sometimes, as in our finished hex nuts section, these nuts are also noted as "tapped oversized".

Galvanized parts can be easily identified by their somewhat muddled coloring. Silver shades may vary within each part. Sometimes parts may appear almost flaky, with some of the color transferring to your hands or gloves during installation. These are natural elements of the finish and will not impact its effectiveness.

We offer a wide selection of galvanized parts in our bolts, nuts & washers sections. Bolt options include carriage bolts, hex machine bolts, lag screws/bolts & structural bolts. Nut options include finished hex nuts, heavy hex nuts, square nuts, & structural nuts. Washer options include flat washers, dock washers, fender washers, sealing washers & split lockwashers.

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