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Lock Washer Selection at Fastener SuperStore

Lock Washers at Fastener SuperStore

At Fastener SuperStore, we carry four styles of lock washers. Here's a quick look at each of these options.

External Tooth Lock Washers

These washers feature twisted prongs, or teeth, on the outside of the washer. Since the external teeth provide a larger radius than other types of lock washers, these are considered to be the most efficient style. Six material / finish options are available. Can also be purchased in countersunk style.

Internal Tooth Lock Washers

Internal Tooth Lock Washers         

On this style, the locking prongs face inward. This allows for a more finished look with the teeth not exposed. These washers are also good options to match to screws with small heads. Finishes available include zinc, black oxide, black zinc and zinc yellow. Stainless steel options are also available.

Internal / External Combo Tooth Lock Washer

Internal External Combo Lock Washer

These feature teeth on both the inside and the outside. These washers are good options when a larger bearing surface is required; for oversized or out of round holes; and for optimum electrical connections. We offer these in steel, with zinc, black oxide and zinc yellow finishes; as well as in 18-8 stainless steel

Split Lock Washers

Split Lock Washers

Available in medium, heavy, high collar and high alloy options, Split Lock Washers, Fastener SuperStore carries thirteen combinations of style, material and finish. The two openings at the split are bent slightly in opposite directions, creating outward pressure when installed. Also available in metric sizes.

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