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Mil-Spec Parts in a Variety of Styles, Sizes & Materials at Fastener SuperStore

There are tens of thousands of Mil-Spec parts in the world, and we can't claim to carry them all, but we do carry a wide selection of some of the most common styles of mil-spec fasteners.

Mil-Spec parts are also known as Military Standard and are manufactured to exacting standards in order to create consistency across all manufacturers of these parts. They are also easily recognized and searched for using their assigned Mil-Spec part number.

At Fastener SuperStore, we carry 8 types of Mil-Spec fasteners:

  • Mil-Spec Bolts

  • Mil-Spec Machine Screws

  • Mil-Spec Self-Tapping Screws

  • Mil-Spec Nuts

  • Mil-Spec Socket Screws

  • Mil-Spec Washers

  • Mil-Spec Pins

  • Mil-Spec Cable Ties

Each category contains multiple Mil-Spec lines and styles. Check out our full selection here!

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