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Understanding Rivet Grip Range

Understanding Rivet Grip Range

Rivets are among the trickiest fastener types when it comes to finding the correct size for your application.

Grip range is the most important element in sizing a rivet, yet one of the least understood.

The grip range of a rivet is the range of thicknesses that the rivet can hold together once it is compacted by a rivet gun. In order to know what rivet you need, you need to know the exact thickness of the two parts you are riveting together. For example, if you are riveting two pieces of 18 gauge sheet metal together, you first need to know that 18 gauge is .0478" thick. Two pieces together will be .0956" thick. Hence, you will need a rivet with a grip range that covers that thickness. A rivet with a grip range of .06 - .12 would be a match.

A rivet with a smaller grip range would be too short to properly rupture on the back side to hold the pieces together. One with a larger grip range would hold the pieces together, but would be too loose, allowing separation between the parts.

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