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Some Helpful Info About Rivets at Fastener Superstore

Rivets at Fastener SuperStore

Grip Range is an important factor in identifying what rivet you need.

Grip range tells you the range of combined thicknesses that a rivet can hold together. If you are riveting two items together which are both .09" thick, then you need a rivet with a grip range that covers .18" thickness. One with a grip range of .06" - .25" would work since .18" falls within the grip range of that rivet.

Most rivet manufacturer part numbers are searchable at Fastener SuperStore.

Manufacturers use similar, yet distinct, part numbers for their rivets. Most of these part numbers can be entered into our search box to find the matching part. Our rivet part pages also list equivalent part numbers.

We carry a wide variety of rivet styles, sizes and materials.

In addition to standard dome head rivets, we also carry large flange, countersunk and closed end versions. All common diameters are available, as well as materials from aluminum to stainless steel to steel.

Give us a call today and we'll help you find the right rivet for your application!

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