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Stamped, Cold Forged & Washer Base Wing Nuts Available at Fastener SuperStore

Wing Nuts

Fastener SuperStore carries Wing Nuts in three different styles: Stamped, Cold Forged & Washer Base. Wing nuts are great options when you need a strong hold that can easily be adjusted by hand as needed.

Stamped Wing Nuts get their name because they are "stamped" into their shape from flat sheet metal. They provide a larger bearing surface than cold forged. They are more economical than cold forged or washer base, however, they also offer less strength.

Fastener SuperStore offers stamped wing nuts in steel with a zinc finish, as well as some black oxide options. Sizes range from 4-40 up to 1/2-13.


Cold Forged Wing Nuts are manufactured through compression of bar stock metal inserted into a die without heating the metal. It creates a strong part that can be made economically and at a high volume.

We carry cold forged wing nuts in steel with a zinc, nickel or black oxide finish, as well as in 18-8 stainless steel. Size options range from 4-40 up to 3/8-16 with metric options also available.


Washer Base Wing Nuts provide a large bearing surface which helps to create a strong hold. They're perfect for applications which might normally call for a separate washer. Integrating the washer into the nut can help speed up installation time.

Our washer base wing nuts are made from die cast zinc alloy and come in sizes from 8-32 up to 3/8-16.

To check out our full selection of wing nuts, click here.

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