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Fastener SuperStore Blog


Mil-Spec Parts in a Variety of Styles, Sizes & Materials at Fastener SuperStore

There are tens of thousands of Mil-Spec parts in the world, and we can't claim to carry them all, but we do carry a wide selection of some of the most common styles of mil-spec fasteners. Mil-Spec parts are also known as Military Standard and are manufactured to exacting standards ...


Dock Washers in Steel with a Plain or Galvanized Finish

Dock Washers are available in steel with a galvanized or plain finish. Featuring a large outer diameter, dock washers offer significantly greater thickness than other washer styles. Commonly used in dock and construction applications. Check out our selection here !


New Product Alert: Bushings

Bushings are a cylindrical machine part with a wavy shaped opening one side. Both ends have chamfered edges, allowing for easy installation with a hammer or hydraulic press. They resist wear, maintain performance in harsh environments and can withstand temperatures up to 350° celcius. Check out our selection here !


Hex Standoffs in a Variety of Configurations, Sizes & Materials at Fastener SuperStore

Female / Female Hex Standoffs come in standard sizes and in a variety of materials. Sizing for hex standoffs is displayed with the width across the flats of the outside (also known as the outer diameter or OD) listed first. Our female / female hex standoffs come in ODs starting ...


E-Style, External Style & Internal Style Retaining Rings at Fastener SuperStore

E-Style Retaining Rings have a small prong in the middle of their circular "E" shape. That prong, along with the inner portion of the two prongs at the ends of the ring, rests against the inside of a grooved portion of a shaft. Most of the ring rests outside the ...


Need Tamper Resistant Screws? We Can Quote You on That.

If you need a quote for tamper resistant screws, Fastener SuperStore is the place for you. We can now offer pricing on a variety of tamper proof screw options, as well as the drivers needed to install them. These parts are not on our site yet, but like all of ...


Socket Drive Screws at Fastener SuperStore

Fastener SuperStore carries a huge selection of socket drive screws in a variety of styles, sizes, materials & finishes. Socket Head Cap Screws : Great for applications which require a clean finished appearance, socket head cap screws are made so that the head can be recessed to become level with ...


Self Drilling Screws With Neoprene Sealing Washers

Neoprene Washers are a Great Way to Create a Tight Seal When Used with Self-Drilling or Self-Piercing Screws. Fastener SuperStore carries Self-Drilling Screws with attached neoprene washers in steel with a zinc finish and in 18-8 stainless steel . Below the hex heads of these screws is a thin, conical ...


Concrete Screws: A Great Alternative to Anchors

Fastener SuperStore carries Concrete Screws in Hex Washer Head and Countersunk/Flat Head options. For light and medium duty applications into masonry, bricks & concrete, Concrete Screws are a great alternative to anchors. Fastener SuperStore carries Concrete Screws with a hex head and a slotted drive, or with a flat head ...


Black Oxide Parts at Fastener SuperStore

Black Oxide Fasteners are increasing in popularity due to the variety of benefits they can provide. Unlike most other fastener finishes, black oxide is the result of a chemical conversion, rather than the adding or removing of materials. As a result of immersion in a heated alkaline aqueous salt solution, ...