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Acorn Nuts, AKA Cap Nuts

Acorn Cap Nuts at Fastener SuperStore

Fastener SuperStore carries a wide array of Acorn, or Cap, Nuts. This style of nut can be used to create a decorative look, or for safety reasons by covering the exposed tip of a screw coming through a hole.

Standard Low Crown Acorn Nuts are the most common style. We carry this style in steel, with a nickel, black oxide or black zinc finish; as well as in 18-8 stainless steel.

Black oxide is a conversion coating, meaning that a chemical reaction changes the appearance of the metal to black. Because it is a conversion, and not an applied finish, there will be no chipping or change in color over time. Black oxide parts usually have a small amount of oil added to them.Black Acorn Nuts

Black zinc is an applied coating similar to regular zinc, and provides slightly better corrosion resistance than clear zinc or black oxide.

Washer based acorn nuts simply have a round flange on the bottom side of the nut. This style works well to cover oversized or offset holes, or to provide additional surface area when used with soft materials such as wood or plastic. We carry this style in die-cast zinc alloy, in both open and closed end styles.

Washer Base Acorn Nuts

Additionally, we carry several sizes of open end acorn nuts in standard style.

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