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Set Screws at Fastener SuperStore

Set Screws at Fastener SuperStore

In the Socket section of the Fastener SuperStore website, you can find five styles of standard Set Screws and two styles of metric Set Screws. Our Set Screws are internally hex driven using a hex key / allen wrench. Fully threaded, these parts are used to hold an outer component, usually a rotating item such as a pulley or gear, against an internal shaft.

On the opposite side of the drive is the point, available in numerous styles, two of the most common of which are Cup Points and Cone Points.

Cup points are tapered to a flat end, and can be used for a permanent hold, or for applications where it may need adjusted over time. 

Cone Point Set Screws taper completely to a sharp point which creates a more permanent hold against the shaft.

We also carry flat points, 1/2 dog points, and oval points in our standard selection. In metric sizes, we have cup points and knurled cup points.

All of our Set Screws come in alloy steel with a black oxide finish. We carry a selection of 458 style and size combinations.

Most of these parts come in smaller quantities of 25 - 100 pieces, but we can always quote much larger quantities. We are often able to quote bulk quantities at a fraction of our normal prices. Check out our selection today! 

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