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Fastener SuperStore Carries a Huge Selection of Extra Large Lag Screws!

Fastener SuperStore customers never cease to amaze us with unusual and innovative applications for our products. One of the more novel ideas we've seen in recent years is the utilization of large sized lag screws to secure outdoor structures to the ground in windy and volatile environments.

Featuring a large hex head, lag screws can be driven deep into the ground using hex driver bits attached to drills or impact drivers. These large and sturdy fasteners provide great holding power even when installed into a dirt or sand foundation.

The most popular lag screws used for these applications include our parts:

Of course, you should always ensure that there is nothing underground in the path of your lag screw insertion, such as electrical or plumbing lines.

Once they've fulfilled their objective, these parts should be removed from the ground for safety purposes and nothing should be left behind.

Fastener SuperStore works year round with numerous manufacturers & suppliers to ensure adequate inventory of these parts.

Our full selection of lag screws includes options in steel, with zinc, galvanized or black oxide finishes, & in 18-8 stainless steel.

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