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Fastener SuperStore Carries Concrete Screws in Package & Bulk Quantities!

Fastener SuperStore carries concrete screws with hex washer heads and slotted drives; as well as with flat heads and phillips drives.

Our hex washer / slotted concrete screws come in diameters of 3/16" or 1/4" and in lengths from 1 1/4" up to 6". You can use the slot or the hex head shape for driving these screws.


undefinedOur flat head / phillips drive concrete screws also come in diameters of 3/16" or 1/4" and range in length from 1 1/4" up to 5". This style allows for a flush finish with the material it's being installed into.

Concrete screws feature double lead, high low threads with notches cut into the high threads and a diamond shaped nail type point to power their way into concrete and masonry. Pre-drilling is required. Each 100 piece carton comes with a masonry drill bit of the appropriate size. 

We now offer several sizes in larger, bulk cartons at greatly reduced pricing. If you need bulk quantities of a size not available in a bulk carton, contact us to get a special quote for your part.

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