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Green, Red & Tan Ceramic Deck Screws

Ceramic Deck Screws at Fastener SuperStore

Fastener SuperStore recently introduced three new styles of Deck Screws: Green Ceramic, Red Ceramic and Tan Ceramic.

The ceramic coating is rated to a 1200 hour salt spray test, providing strong corrosion resistance. Salt spray testing is done with an accelerated corrosive attack on the parts, and is done to compare rates of rust and/or white corrosion on different fastener finishes.

All three styles are available with bugle heads (standard for deck screws) and square drives. Each also comes with a type 17 point. Type 17 screws are defined by a small chip cavity near the tip, which helps cut threads and clear away the cut materials.The color differences between the three types is subtle, but allows them to blend in with different types of wood. Additionally, the coating prevents streaking in pressure treated lumber.
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