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New Category: Coiled Spring Pins

Coiled Spring Pins at Fastener SuperStore

We've added thousands of new parts over the past month, including a complete new line of Coiled Spring Pins.

We now carry over 100 size options in thermal black finish, which is similar to a black oxide conversion coating. Our selection in thermal black covers diameter sizes from 1/16" to 3/8", and lengths from 1/4" to 3". Thermal Black Coiled Spring Pins

Coiled Spring Pins are hollow, headless and formed from rolled sheet metal. Sized slightly larger than the hole they are inserted into, the coil creates outward pressure to hold the pin in place.

Our new selection also includes 95 size options in 420 Stainless Steel. 420 Stainless Steel is commonly used in cutlery, as well as in surgical and dental instruments. It has a higher carbon content than other 400 series stainless steel and provides excellent corrosion resistance.

Check out our selection today!

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