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Rack Mounting Cage & Clip Nuts

Rack Mounting Cage and Clip Nuts at Fastener SuperStore

For over a decade, Fastener SuperStore has been THE source for Rack Mounting Nuts. We carry both Cage and Clip styles and we offer the most common sizes in packs of 25 or 1000 pieces, and with or without matching screws.

Cage Nuts consist of a square nut inside of a steel cage. The cage, formed from sheet metal, is designed to clip into a square hole, usually as part of a server rack. The sides of the cage are pinched together and inserted into the rails. Once inside they spring back out to hold the nut in place.

Clip Nuts, sometimes called clip-on nuts, also feature a square nut inside of formed sheet metal. Like cage nuts, they are often used in computer server racks. They can be used with square or round holes.

Clip Nuts are also available with matching screws and can be purchased in lots of 25 or 1000 pieces.

It's easy to find your parts at Fastener SuperStore, but if you're having trouble locating the right one, give us a call at (866) 688-2500, or try our online chat.

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