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Cold Forged, Stamped & Washer Base Wing Nuts

Wing Nuts at Fastener SuperStore

Wing Nuts are are popular in applications where strong torque is not required, and on parts that are frequently disassembled or adjusted. The three most common styles are all available at Fastener SuperStore.

Stamped wing nuts are formed from sheet metal. While usually the least expensive of the wing nut options, they don't have the strength of the other styles. Our stamped wing nuts are made of steel with a zinc or black oxide finish.

Cold Forged wing nuts are solid parts shaped by compression of malleable metals. We offer 46 different size, material and finish options, including 18-8 stainless steel.

Washer Base wing nuts are manufactured with a large flange at the bottom that eliminates the need for a washer in certain applications. All of our washer base wing nuts are made of diecast zinc alloy and come in sizes from 8-32 up to 3/8-16.

Check out our wing nut selection here or give us a call at (866) 688-2500 for help finding the right part.

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