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New Metric & Stainless Roll / Spring Pins

Metric Stainless Roll Spring Pins at Fastener SuperStore

Known as Roll Pins or Spring Pins, these fasteners are made of rolled metal and work by creating spring tension.

We've recently added a line of 420 Stainless Steel Roll / Spring Pins to our site. 420 Stainless is magnetic, and of course much more corrosion resistant than standard steel. We have nearly 100 size options available in this stainless line.

Additionally, we've added a full metric selection in steel with a plain (thermal black) finish. We now carry 180 metric sized Roll / Spring Pins. These parts comply with ISO8752 standards.

We still carry our original lines in plain (black) or a zinc finish. Overall, we offer nearly 600 Roll / Spring Pins. Check them out today!

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