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SEMS Screws: Pre-attached Screws & Washers

Sems Screws at Fastener SuperStore

SEMS Screws are a great way to cut production time and increase efficiency. If part of your work process involves installing lock washers onto screws, SEMS screws may be an option to consider. They come with pre-attached washers, eliminating an unnecessary step in your work flow.

We offer external, internal, split and square cone lock washer SEMS screws in standard sizes, with hex, hex washer and pan heads. We carry five different drive styles, two stainless steel options and steel with four available finishes.

In metric sizes, we have external, internal, split, flat and double washer SEMS screws with pan heads and phillips drives. Internal and external styles are available in steel or stainless steel, while the double washer screws also come with a zinc yellow finish option.

Our selection includes over 1,000 different style and size combinations. Check them out in our "screws" section today!

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