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What in the World Are These Things?

Old Timey Tool

We get a lot of emails from people asking us to identify strange parts they've run into. Usually it's no problem, but occasionally we get stumped. Check out the two items below and let us know if you think you know what they are. We'll get back to the owners with any successful identifications.

Item 1 (left)

This part contains two pieces of metal, bent into semi-circles, held together by some type of pin, creating a mirror image of each other. The open end has two C-shaped openings, clearly meant to grab onto a bolt or rod of some sort.

Item 2 (below)


These six legged spideresque nuts were found holding attachments on top of a World War II radio case that belonged to an armored vehicle.

The person asking about these parts was hoping to find a tool to remove the nuts, but finally found success using an adjustable wrench. He would still be curious to find out what they are though.

If you know what either of these items are, send us an email at

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