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4 Types of Lock Washers at Fastener SuperStore

Lock Washers at Fastener SuperStore

Looking for a way to increase the strength and hold of a connection between threaded fasteners? Lock Washers may be what you're looking for.

Lock Washers can dramatically strengthen the connection between a screw or bolt to a nut. By providing a small amount of torsional resistance between the two pieces, lock washers can enhance the hold and provide resistance against loosening.

Of the three types of "tooth" lock washers, External Tooth Lock Washers provide the strongest locking efficiency. The angle of the outwardly extended teeth, and the larger bearing surface are the two primary elements of its locking ability.

Internal Tooth Lock Washers are often preferred when a clean, finished appearance is necessary. The inward direction of the teeth allows them to be hidden underneath the screw head or nut. They are also a good option when using screws with small heads, such as fillister head screws.

Internal-External Combo Tooth Lock Washers are often chosen for their larger load bearing surface, having a significantly larger outer diameter than other options. Because of the larger outer diameter, they are also the preferred lock washers when using with a hole that is oversized or out of round.

Finally, Split Lock Washers are popular for a variety of uses. With the two ends of the washer being offset, they provide stronger torsional resistance than other types. Its hardened bearing surface also provides more uniform torque control and load distribution. Split Lock Washers are also offered in several unique styles, including heavy, high collar and high alloy.

Our Eternal, Internal and Split Lock Washers are also available in metric sizes, while our External Tooth Styles are also available in a countersunk option.

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