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Square Drive Screws at Fastener SuperStore

Square Drive Screws at Fastener SuperStore

Sometimes called "Robertson Drive Screws", square drive screws are a popular alternative to Phillips or Torx drives.

Peter Lymburner Robertson is credited with popularizing the square drive style screw in Canada in the early 1900s.

The square drive had been invented years before, but hadn't caught on until Robertson, frustrated by the slotted screw drives that ruled the day, convinced Ford Motor Company to use his square drives in their New Model T automobiles. Unfortunately, Henry Ford and Robertson couldn't agree to a long term deal, and Ford soon switched to a different screw style.

Popular in Canada for decades, the square drive screw eventually started making inroads in the US by the 1970s. Robertson's screws have become popular in furniture manufacturing, boat-building & woodworking, along with drywall & decking installation.

Square Drive Screws offer greater stability than slotted screws, and reduce cam-out, a common problem when a Phillips bit continues turning after the screw has come to a halt. Stripping is almost completely eliminated, making removal of these screws easier than most.

Fastener SuperStore offers square drive screws in seven categories, and in numerous configurations with different head styles, materials & finishes. They've become so popular that we think they deserve their own page. Start here to check out our full selection of Square Drive Screws!

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