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Lag Screws / Lag Bolts at Fastener SuperStore


Lag Screws / Bolts at Fastener SuperStore

Some people call them Lag Screws. Some people call them Lag Bolts. We wanted to make sure you could find them, so we put them on both our Screw Category Page and on our Bolt Category Page.

Lag Screws (we'll stick with that name for now) are multi-faceted and multi-functional. They can be installed directly into wood (though pre-drilling is usually required or at least recommended), or they can be used, along with Lag Screw Shields, to install doors, gates, or other items onto masonry.

Fastener SuperStore carries them in diameters from 1/4" up to 3/4", and in lengths from 3/4" up to 24" long. Their large diameters make them ideal fasteners for applications where strength and hold are important. We offer options with high profile heads, hex flange heads, and recently introduced some with acoustical eye heads (images and spec sheets coming soon).

Some people have even been known to use larger size Lag Screws to secure large tents and small outbuildings to the ground for temporary shelter during festivals and other similar events. Our 3/8" x 14", 1/2" x 18" and 1/2" x 24" sizes are very popular for this purpose, especially in windy locations. Just be sure to remove them when their purpose is complete.

When installing Lag Screws, make sure to use a driver based on the hex head size (width across the flats) rather than the part diameter. Check out our spec sheets located on most part pages for this information.

Check out our full selection of Lag Screws, or Lag Bolts, here.

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