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We've created a new way to search for Torx® Drive Screws at Fastener SuperStore.

Torx Drive Screws at Fastener SuperStore

Whether you call them Star Drive, Six-Lobe or Torx® Drive Screws, it's undeniable that these screws provide greater driving torque and stability than almost any other screw drive style.

The internal shape and increased contact points allow for increased torque, both when installing and when removing. Their design also reduces "cam-out", where the driver is able to slide out of the drive recess, potentially stripping screws. Finally, more entry points in the drive allow installers to more quickly get set within the screw to begin the driving motion. When installing hundreds or thousands a screws at a time, every second counts.

 We've set up a new navigation page at Fastener SuperStore for those of you for whom a Torx® Drive is an absolute requirement. This page starts with a selection of the nine screw types we carry that are offered with this type of drive: Deck; Drywall; Machine; Self-Drilling; Self-Tapping; Sems; Thread-Cutting; Thread Forming; & Wood Screws.

 Start shopping at our new Torx® Drive Page today.

 In case you weren't aware, we also carry Torx® Insert Bits for hand tools and Torx® Power Bits for power tools.

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