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Metric Thread Forming Screws for Plastics at Fastener SuperStore


Fastener SuperStore has recently added over 500 new metric thread forming screws specifically made for use in plastics.

We are now carrying 30° thread metric thread forming screws for plastics. Our spec sheets for these parts indicate "the 30° thread angle reduces the outward expansion of the material being displaced. The recessed design of the thread root enables more material to flow into the area between threads. The depth of the thread pattern increases the fastener’s load carrying properties while resisting vibrations, thus resisting loosening". 

We offer these screws in flat, pan and round washer heads, and with phillips and torx / six-lobe drives. They are available in steel with a zinc finish and in 18-8 stainless steel. Diameters range from M1.6-0.67 through M5-2.24, while lengths range from 4mm up to 40mm.

These parts are generic alternatives to Plastite® Brand Type PT Style Screws.

We have also added a new line of 45° thread metric thread forming screws for plastics. Spec sheet notes indicate that the "sharper thread profile increases holding strength while reducing material displacement. Drive and strip torques are higher, reducing the need for inserts or reinforcing clips". 

45 degree thread.jpg

These screws are offered with a pozi drive and a pan head, and are made of steel with a zinc finish. Diameter sizes range from M2.2-1.0 through M6-2.5, with lengths from 5mm up to 30mm.

These parts are generic alternatives to Plastite® Brand Type-Z / Plas-Fix®-45.

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