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Four Styles of Thumb Screws at Fastener SuperStore

At Fastener SuperStore we carry two types of Thumb Screws, each with two optional styles.


Precision Shoulder Screws

Fastener SuperStore carries Precision Shoulder Screws in almost 100 size & style variations...


Square Head Machine Bolts & Square Nuts

Square Head Machine Bolts are available in steel with a plain finish. Combined with square nuts or hex nuts...


Rack Mounting Cage & Clip Nuts

For over a decade, Fastener SuperStore has been THE source for Rack Mounting Nuts. We carry both Cage and Clip styles and we offer the most common sizes in packs of 25 or 1000 pieces, and with or without matching screws. Cage Nuts consist of a square nut inside of ...


Cold Forged, Stamped & Washer Base Wing Nuts

Wing Nuts are are popular in applications where strong torque is not required, and on parts that are frequently disassembled or adjusted. The three most common styles are all available at Fastener SuperStore. Stamped wing nuts are formed from sheet metal. While usually the least expensive of the wing nut ...