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Thread Cutting Screws: Types 1, 23, 25 & F (Including Grounding and Floorboard) Screws

Thread Cutting Screws at Fastener SuperStore

Thread Cutting Screws come with sharp edges at the tip, along with a chip cavity or cutout line for clearing the cut material. We carry four unique styles at Fastener SuperStore: Type 1; Type 23; Type 25 & Type F.

Type 1.jpg
Type 1 Thread Cutting Screws have machine screw threads, a blunt point and tapered threads. The primary difference from Type F is that Type 1 Screws contain only one cutting edge.

Type 23.jpg
Type 23 Thread Cutting Screws use a different style of cutting edge than Type F and Type 1. Instead of a line cut into the tip of the screw, they feature a large cut-out triangular area to allow for more clearance of materials.

Type 25.jpg
Type 25 Thread Cutting Screws offer widely spaced threads, unlike the other styles of thread cutting screws.Like Type 23, they have a large area of the tip cut out for material clearance.

Type F.jpg
Type F Thread Cutting Screws feature machine screw threads, a blunt point, tapered ending threads and multiple cutting edges near the tip. Two subgroups of Type F Screws are Floorboard and Grounding Screws.

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