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Concrete Screws at Fastener SuperStore

Double lead threads and a diamond-shaped nail point allow Concrete Screws to self start in materials such as concrete, stone and brick. C ase hardened steel, along with high-low threads featuring notches cut into the high threads, help these screws cut deep into these hard materials. At Fastener SuperStore, we ...


Lock Washer Selection at Fastener SuperStore

At Fastener SuperStore, we carry four styles of lock washers. Here's a quick look at each of these options. External Tooth Lock Washers feature twisted prongs, or teeth, on the outside of the washer. Since the external teeth provide a larger radius than other types of lock washers, these are ...


All About Retaining Rings

At Fastener SuperStore, we carry nearly 200 Retaining Ring size, style and material options: E Style Retaining Rings Rounded on the outside, with a wide opening, E-Style Retaining Rings are installed vertically onto machined grooves on shafts. The three internal areas of the ring maintain contact with the shaft, holding ...


Self Tapping vs. Self Drilling Screws

One difficulty many of our customers face when searching for fasteners is the varying terminology that is used to describe parts. One of the most complex issues surrounds the terms "Self-Tapping"; "Self-Drilling" & "Sheet Metal" screws. A Self-Tapping Screw generally refers to a screw that can start its own hole ...


1300 Options in our Socket Drive Screw Selection

Fastener SuperStore carries over 1300 distinct sizes & styles of socket screws....


Deep Thread Wood Screws at Fastener SuperStore

We've recently added several thousand new parts to our selection. Deep Thread Wood Screws has become a top seller from among this selection....


Understanding Rivet Grip Range

Rivets are among the trickiest fastener types when it comes to finding the correct size for your application. Grip range is the most important element in sizing a rivet, yet one of the least understood...


Square Nuts at Fastener SuperStore

At Fastener SuperStore, we carry three styles of square nuts. Regular Square Nuts; Heavy Square Nuts and Machine Screw Square Nuts.


Panel Nuts at Fastener SuperStore

Panel Nuts are thin nuts with smaller than normal surface areas. Commonly used on switch mounts, volume controls and electrical fixtures...


SEMS Screws: Pre-attached Screws & Washers

SEMS Screws are a great way to cut production time and increase efficiency. If part of your work process involves installing lock washers onto screws, SEMS screws...